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SHELLSHOCK reserves the right to modify the website www.shellshockcuts.com. Placing an order online implies full acceptance of the Purchase Conditions and Privacy and Data Protection Policies

General Information

In compliance with Spanish electronic commerce legislation (LSSICE), it is reported that the website www.shellshockcuts.com is owned by Marcel Cifuentes D’Ascoli, with DNI 51268073-S and registered office at Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla , 164 08012 Barelona, contact telephone number: +34 930 241 515; contact email: info@shellshockcuts.com

The company’s purpose is the retail trade of hairdressing services and items over the Internet, or by any other means.

Products for sale

The detailed description of the products displayed on the website www.shellshockcuts.com is prepared from own information and images made by SHELLSHOCK (of which the company reserves all rights of use) and/or from information and images supplied by providers. SHELLSHOCK has authorization for the use of said images and contents of this website.

The company is not responsible for possible errors in the information or characteristics of the published products.


The availability of the products on the website is updated depending on the stock. If, due to uncontrollable causes or unwanted errors, SHELLSHOCK put a product not available in stock on sale and it was purchased by a user, SHELLSHOCK undertakes to act in good faith and offer the user the possibility of:

Valid use of the service

The user declares and guarantees to act in good faith by using this website only to make legally valid inquiries or orders and not to acquire products for the purpose of resale or parallel distribution that brings a commercial benefit.

If it could be considered that a false or fraudulent order has been made, SHELLSHOCK reserves the right to cancel it by paying the customer the payment made without any penalty for SHELLSHOCK.

By using this page, the user agrees to provide the information requested in a truthful and exact manner, consenting that SHELLSHOCK may use said information to contact users if necessary. If the user does not provide all the information, the order cannot be processed.

By placing an order through the website, the user declares to be of legal age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.


The prices of the products presented on www.shellshockcuts.com include current VAT applicable at any time unless otherwise indicated. Prices do not include shipping costs unless otherwise indicated.

SHELLSHOCK is not responsible for possible errors in price rates in published articles. In the event of an error in the final price of any of the items on display, SHELLSHOCK undertakes to notify users of the new sale price as soon as possible, offering affected customers the possibility of reconfirming the order, or the possibility of desisting from the purchase on your part.

If it is not possible to contact the user, the order will be considered canceled and the amount of the erroneous price paid will be refunded. SHELLSHOCK will not be obliged to supply the buyer with any product at the incorrect lower price, even if the order is confirmed.

The prices of the articles published on the web are subject to variation, but except as previously established in the event of an error, the possible changes will not affect the orders with respect to which an Order Confirmation email has been sent.

Payment methods

-By transfer or by card

– SHELLSHOCK makes available to users a secure online payment gateway offered by the bank La Caixa, which accepts credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro).

By authorizing the payment, the user is confirming that the credit or debit card belongs to them. Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing entity, therefore, if said entity does not authorize the payment,

SHELLSHOCK will not be responsible for non-delivery or delay in delivery, the purchase not being formalized.

SHELLSHOCK undertakes not to store, in any case, sensitive information such as credit card numbers.